Dramedy Acting Studio

Life is full of surprises isn’t it?

We’re pretty darn good, we humans, at suppressing our emotions, masking truths, and side-stepping the Right Now.  And when you throw acting into the mix, well there’s a whole new level of suppression, masking, and side-stepping that happens because you believe that acting is a foreign thing.  Acting is what an actor does.  Acting is what happens when two people demonstrate their ability to be on camera together without looking at it.  Acting is a whole lot of everything else other than what it truly is and that is simply being human.

And yet, I meet a lot of new and veteran actors who are under the impression that acting must be its own thing, beholden unto itself, for so sayeth they who know best.  Who are these people?  Your friends, co-workers, people looking to make a dollar off you for their advice?

At Dramedy, it is my hope that when you start with us you enter as a student of acting and when you depart, it is with the hope that you are a complete human, fully prepared to be witnessed by audiences on stage, television, film, or the web.  No suppression, no masking, no side-stepping the Right Now.

Every human is different and every actor is seeking something personal, meaningful, and essential to evolving your craft.  I hope you’ll allow me to work with you toward that end.  Thanks for stopping by.  Please, have a look around.  Share your own thoughts about acting with us and drop us a line if we can help you on your journey toward Your Truth.