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private lessons in


Stanislavsky, Strasberg, Meisner, Chekov

Dramedy Acting uses a mixed-method approach to the teaching of acting. Arts, literature, music, the humanities, and each student's unique experiences help to shape each customized session..


Stage or film, Dramedy Acting works with you to foster better performance techniques, stronger stage & camera presence, and a more thorough understanding of the power of the Story.

Public Speaking

Confidence. Conviction. Courage.

Overcoming audience fright is only a tenth of what it takes to be a more effective public speaking. It also takes an awareness of your audience, your voice, and the material you'll be presenting. Dramedy Acting works to help you shape the whole event from your voice and presence, to the words you'll be speaking

voice work

Accents & Characters

Develop that radio or cartoon voice with some private lessons on accents, character voices, and developing a persona for each unique voice that lives inside your head.


Thinking on the Spot.


Learn the rules of improvisation and you'll gain a quicker wit, better comedic timing, and a greater degree of self-confidence when you're "on the spot".

philosophy of teaching

Courage || Confidence || Conviction

Dramedy Acting believes in a mixed-method approach to the teaching of acting & public speaking. Each client requires specialized attention, therefore no single performer will be taught the same as another.

Combing over ten years of theatrical and educational experience, Dramedy Acting seeks to help you improve your stage presence, your camera work, or your public speaking.

If you're inclined to work with an acting coach who uses the arts, humanities, literature, music, and life experience to guide you toward being a more effective performer, then Dramedy Acting would be an excellent fit for you. You're welcome to call us at 931.450.3608 or email us for more information. info@dramedyacting.com