Teaching someone to act is really just teaching them to accept who they are so they can have allocate the space necessary to become someone else.

I believe in a mixed-method approach that draws upon what the masters of acting teaching have already established with my own personal approach.

Talking about it here, though, means nothing to you. It's just something you'll have to experience first hand.


You have nothing to lose by calling, emailing, or contacting us through social media. I am not interested in selling you the plantinum glamour package and I don't work on commission. I work for you, if you're so inclined to hire me as your acting coach.

Call and we'll talk about your goals: 931.450.3608

our process

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    That first session is essential to understanding what you need, want, and hope to accomplish.
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    Every lesson is focused on you figuring out how to discover and manage impulses and harness the power of you into giving life to a film or stage-born character .
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    Years of teaching has taught me that you cannot achieve success in the "real world" without playing in the fictional one.