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The Approach, at Dramedy Acting Studio, is founded on the fundamental belief that everyone learns differently. Our Studio is a learning place, first; and an acting class second. Guided by over 15 years of in-classroom teaching experience, our focus is on you the student.

Customized Lessons

Because we value your learning above all else, we are able to offer customized lessons tailored to your specific needs. While we do offer 6-week courses based on the Meisner Method, we can also provide you with individualized lessons to help you with your current role, land that next TV gig, or polish your audition technique.

Your Teacher

Aaron W. Miller has been teaching for over 15 years. He has worked with adolescents and adults to help the polish their acting craft, connect with scene partners, and confront that demon of stage fright. He co-authored the Tennessee State Standards for Theatre Arts and earned his master teaching certification from the True Acting Institute.

Our Team

A.W. Miller

Acting Coach

Specializes in Meisner for Teens and helping actors seek their truth

Terri C. Miller

Logistics Guru

She keeps the whole sh'bang running smoothly



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Custom Lessons

Our private lessons can be totally personalized to suit your specific needs.

Audition Prep

Let us help you with your next audition. We can run you through mock auditions to give you a taste of the real thing.


There's nothing better to loosen your acting muscles than a little improvisational shenanigans.

Lessons & Events


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Private Lessons


Can be on-site

Specific to your craft


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Introductory Seminar

Get to Know the Approach

Large Groups

Up to 32 adults

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Thanks for taking the time to stop by our virtual studio. We're eager to work with you on your craft, drawing upon 15 years of teaching experience, over twenty productions on stage and film, and a genuine passion for helping actors become complete human beings.

On Stage

If you are working on an upcoming audition or you're seeking acceptance to a college theatre program, we'll work with you to guide your selection of contrasting monologues and then take the time (and care) to polish your monologues. In fact, Dramedy Acting Studio'slead instructor has over fifteen years experience teaching students how to find themselves, how to relish mistakes as gifts to learn from, and how to thrive on your journey to being a complete human being.

On Camera

If the stage isn't your area of focus, no worries, Dramedy also has experience working with actors on camera for film and television. Have an upcoming audition and need some camera work with your sides? We can help with that too. If you're seeking help with your reel, character work, or a you're after a refesher on scene work we'd love to work with you.


How's your funny bone? Dramedy understands the importance and value of improvisational work for stage and film. So we draw upon an Spolin-based improv approach with a dash of Augusto Boal, Keith Johnstone, and our own special blend of improv spices thrown in to help you keep your wit feisty, fast, and funny.

Dramedy Acting Studio's acting training blends elements of Meisner, Stanislavski, Chekov, and our own unique Approach. We offer group sessions which take you through basic repetition, scene work, and emotional prep. We can also customize individual, private lessons tailored to meet your specific needs.

Finally, we are pleased to offer onsite, emergency acting training and show-doctoring. Think of it as a mobile acting studio that makes stage calls. We can help your cast navigate a difficult scene, we can provide script analysis training, or we can give you a new set of eyes on a challenging production. Whatever you need, Dramedy is eager, willing, and happy to help.

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